Challenges that entrepreneur/startups face and how Techno Companion is helping them

In a world where each stratum is life is being governed, and sometimes, evaluated by its presence in the virtual domain, the number of software firms is constantly rising, and it goes without saying that it is a highly competitive field. So how does a young entrepreneur with limited resources, make his mark? Techno Companion is indeed the answer to this dilemma. Starting a company is hard enough, and what the dedicated team at Techno Companion does is, they simplify the whole process associated with software development.
We assist, enlighten, make functional, the complete cycle of a product’s creation, from the very early stage of idea conception, until the final phase of the user acceptance test.


The challenges faced by entrepreneurs, with regard to the development of their software product are numerous, starting from the very foundation of it all — the idea. The idea is the most important aspect of entrepreneurship. It is the unique factor that distinguishes a company from the other. That is to say, it is the idea that counts, more than anything. Then comes the question of its protection. Oftentimes, new entrepreneurs are not that keen on securing their innovative thought, their idea; so what happens is, it can get stolen. But with Techno Companion it seldom happens, as they make it a point to set up a non-disclosure agreement with the client.


Another issue, so to speak, faced in product development is the lack of a well-equipped source of information to shed light on its arduous and perplexing steps. It takes a great mind to create a concept, but it takes an equally great mind or set of minds, to find out if it works. That is what Techno Companion promises to offer: a dedicated team to look through your set of demands, to see if your product is trailblazing enough, and to help you be at par with your competitions. A proper assessment of the cost, time and effort is undertaken by the personnel, and the same is communicated to the client.


Most software startups are driven by novelty, a unique set of brilliant ideas that motivates them to be the best in what they do. But sometimes they fail. Why? Lack of proper planning. What normally happens is, they develop a product by putting in a gargantuan amount of resources, and they wait for the desired results, but without the right deal of strategizing. The outcome is often not favorable. This issue has been well thought of at Techno Companion, and they maintain a well-trained group of people.
So what do we do to make sure your products sell?
• We think for you,
• discuss ideas with you,
• prepare your product for the market,
• conduct an extensive survey of the market,
• review the commercial and technical risks, and
• form the right strategy to make your product sell.
The client can be uncertain at times, even during the initial stages of software development. They tend to be anxious about the outcome, regarding how their product might look in the end. So as to relieve them, Techno Companion has introduced a new way — the creation of a mockup model of the finished product. They generate a wireframe and present it as a graphic guide that represents the structure of the final product.


At Techno Companion, the client is offered an enthusiastic, alert, set of individuals who undertake the best development process in the industry. So it is guaranteed that your product will be all set to compete with the rest of them in the game. The client can approach the crew and share their thoughts and suggestions anytime. Moreover, they also make sure the product is well-maintained once it goes live. Support and Maintenance come as a part of the whole package. This ensures that the client has no reason to be apprehensive about the proper performance of the software. Furthermore, the Quality Assurance procedure certifies that the product meets the specified conditions with state-of-the-art quality.
However, the major concern shared by most entrepreneurs seems to be their lack of coherence when it comes down to optimizing the growth of their product. It is a very important, and, yet, commonly overlooked, aspect of software development. Techno Companion has a solution for this as well. The client is given an opportunity to work with one of the Growth Teams of the company to watch, analyze, and enhance the product in a program they call ‘Growth Hacking’.
Techno Companion, therefore, covers the entire extent of product engineering to assure that no entrepreneur gets left behind when it comes to software creation.


The sole aim of Techno Companion is to satisfy the clientele, by providing their services to them, regardless of the scale of their need. That is, we are willing to fulfill the rudimentary needs, as much as we are ready to address the top challenges faced by contemporary companies. Techno Companion thrives to innovate, design, develop, test and set out a software product into the market, in the best way possible.

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